Stronger Together

Moravian Academy and Swain School Explore Becoming One

To Our School Communities,

With a collective four centuries of experience educating students in our region, Moravian Academy and Swain School share an unwavering commitment to creating an extraordinary student experience. On our own, our schools have helped generations of students become lifelong learners and leaders.

Imagine what we could accomplish together.

After months of strategic and thoughtful planning, Moravian Academy and The Swain School are on track to sign, later this summer, a binding memorandum of understanding to formally merge our institutions. If the process moves forward as intended, we would become the region’s leader in education, extending a shared mission to the entire Lehigh Valley. 

We believe in the power of partnership, especially among like-minded schools. Partnership brings great potential for two schools already so enriching and so treasured by so many.  Partnership makes us stronger; it makes the experiences for our communities more exciting and rewarding, both in and out of the classroom. 

And with partnership comes resilience -- the wherewithal to adapt to an increasingly dynamic independent-school landscape. This bold move would preserve and foster educational choice for more families in the Lehigh Valley.

We have many details to work out, and a richer picture of our shared and promising future to paint, but we are thrilled to be exploring this partnership.  Taking into account our many strengths, we know that, together, we can become so much more. 

FAQs (as it relates to the Swain School in this partnership):


If you have any questions or you would like more information about this partnership, please email